Multi-Award winning singer-songwriter Great Adamz is making an avid return with the effervescent hit ‘Talk To Me’ released via Radikal Records.

Renowned for his distinct fusion of afro-pop and melodic charm, the artist has firmly established his place as one of the hottest new acts in the afrobeats scene. In the romantic new single, Great Adamz blends a multitude of genres to craft a magnetic atmosphere, intertwining infectious afrobeat rhythms with lush, latin guitar and captivating african melodies.

The songwriting is exquisite yet simple, with Great Adamz weaving together sweet lyrics and an intoxicating soundscape that will transport you to another world.” – Neon Magazine

Anticipated to be the anthem of the summer, ‘Talk To Me’ explores the allure of youthful romance, capturing the exhilaration of teenage love with its ethereal soundscape and emotionally charged vocal delivery.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind ‘Talk To Me’, Adamz reminisces, “When I wrote Talk to Me’ it was like I was 18 years old again and there was this beautiful woman in front of me but I didn’t have the courage to speak to her, but now that i’m older, if I was ever going to be 18 again everything that I would say to her is what I put into the lyrics of “Talk to Me”. It’s what a young Great Adamz would have said to his biggest crush if he was 18 again.”

Following the triumph of winning Northampton Artist of the Year (Rhythm and Poesy) 2024, Afrobeats Artist of the Year (Northamptonshire Local Music Awards) 2023, and Pop Artist of the Year 2022, Adamz continues to garner acclaim with his thrilling singles ‘Chasing Moments’ and ‘Kuron Be’. His signature brand of irresistible afropop showcases his prowess within the genre, propelling him towards mainstream success in the UK and beyond.

The anthemic ‘Kuron Be’ reached global status through the #KuronBeChallenge on TikTok. Fans across the world have danced along to the rhythmic masterpiece, notably including one of the most popular influencers in Africa (@purplespeedy) whose video reached 2.4 Million Views. Adamz’ show-stopping social media presence does not end here, with his ‘Kuron Be’ reel peaking at 1.5 million views and 10,000 likes on Instagram. The instant hit also reached #1 on iTunes Nigeria songs chart and solidified its place on Top 10 for over a week. Adamz has received a whirlwind of praise from the UK, embarking on a collection of National Radio support and spins on BBC Radio 1 Xtra, KISS FM, MTV Base Nigeria and HIPTV.

In late 2023, Adamz collaborated with award-winning singer-songwriter and mental health advocate Maddox Jones on the uplifting, festive single ‘It’s Christmas Time’, which charted in several countries. Adamz has also collaborated with prominent rappers in the afrobeats landscape, including youngchap, Frankie Free, Dreadz, Rents and OMAR on his 2020 debut ‘T.I.Me This.Is.Me’. Adamz originally soared to chart-topping success in 2022, peaking at #3 on the Apple Charts with the hit single ‘Dirty Wine’.