Bruna Black & John Finbury Presents ‘Vã Revelação’

Bruna Black & John Finbury deliver a mellow take on traditional Bossa Nova in the dreamy “Vã Revelação.” Jazz guitar reminiscent of Wes Montgomery and Antonio Carlos Jobim wafts through the duration. They go for crystal clarity, and the fidelity on here is phenomenal. Her vocals have a similarity to the seductive, sultry ways of Astrid Gilberto. Beyond the unmistakable grandeur of the vocals is the impressive rhythm section lending the album’s beating heart. Piano work rests in the middle, tying the two sections with melodic and tempo-focused parts.

Delicate textures come to the forefront on the lovelorn “Vã Revelação,” and a sense of yearning takes hold of the experience. “Perolas” has a stately quality, as the brushwork on the drums alongside the well-mixed bass feels doubly refreshing, like a cool summer breeze off the ocean. Going for the active is the surreal trip of “Para Me Entender.” Tranquil with a sunny disposition is the relaxing tenor of “Inverno De Nos Dois,” where the spaciousness of the atmosphere feels divine. “Nosso Cais” has a hyperactivity featuring many moving parts that collide into a kaleidoscopic burst. Low-register bass anchors the gracious “Uma Noite Com Voce.” Pop and jazz merge with the giddy “Romantico Calor.” Stripping things down the essentials is the intimate “Sera.” Tying everything together is the soothing finale, “Chao De Nuvem.”

“Vã Revelação” shows how Bruna Black & John Finbury respect the classic Bossa Nova sound while tweaking it slightly to bring it into the present.