Denise Marsa Shines Bright with Exhilarating New Album ‘PIVOTAL’ and Uplifting Track ‘Rainbow (Until Dawn Remix)

Award-winning singer-songwriter and keyboardist Denise Marsa is back with a surge of energy! Following the success of her single ‘Kiss Me In The Rain’, she now introduces ‘Rainbow (Until Dawn Remix)’, the exhilarating final track from her eagerly awaited album ‘PIVOTAL’. Set for release on June 14th via her label KeyMedia Group, ‘PIVOTAL’ promises a thrilling journey of self-discovery, brimming with vibrant energy and emotional depth.

‘Rainbow (Until Dawn Remix)’ shines as a dance-pop anthem armed with undeniable optimism. Marsa’s heartfelt vocals dance over lively guitar riffs and sweeping strings, constructing an upbeat, jubilant track poised to take flight as a summer hit and LGBTQ+ anthem. This song highlights Marsa’s talent for crafting deeply resonant music for the community, inviting listeners to embrace love and life wholeheartedly.

The album’s production blends entrancing atmospheres with her most commercial exploration yet. Fusing a vibrant range of arrangement with tantalizing production, Marsa is a remarkable pioneer for delving into the unknown and achieving exquisite results.

Prepare to be mesmerized by ‘PIVOTAL’—an album that promises to deliver unforgettable dance-pop in a unique, artistic fashion.

For now, step into the world of ‘Rainbow (Until Dawn Remix)’

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