Brazil’s First Fully English Language Artist Child of SP Releases Hip Hop Single ‘Issues’

São Paulo’s own Child of SP has released his single ‘Issues’ – an emotive hip-hop-soul track that explores the cultural divide at the heart of the artist’s work.

Released earlier this year, Issues stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of the chart-topping tracks. Led by Child of SP’s vulnerable vocals, Issues builds RnB style harmonisation on spaced out drums. The result, an ethereal and emotional single that evokes the same distance in its production as it does with its lyric’s characters.

Issues was written as a retrospective on Child of SP’s relationship after moving from his native Brazil to Europe. Although it ultimately did not work out, the song reflects on the lack of animosity and how the pair worked together to heal and problem solve in the face of this growing distance between them. “We have issues, but we can work it out”.

The single was released alongside an accompanying music video directed by Peter Moutinho. Cutting between stylish black and white and colour, the video follows Child of SP and his partner as they travel the city, with some unspoken distance between them.

Despite being early on in his musical career, Child of SP has already been breaking records in the industry as the first Brazilian artist that sings exclusively in English to sign to a major label deal and get radio play for his first single Smoke. Child of SP has also opened for the likes of Tyga and Akon, which created a full circle moment for the artist whose first album purchase was Konvicted.

Issues is available across all platforms now.