Jim Vierra feat. Ron Poindexter Presents “Jesus Lift Me Up”

Jim Vierra has decades worth of experience listening to and creating his own music. As he grew up listening to classic rock n’ roll with his family, it became his calling to make his own music. His production company “Fifty Something Records” allowed him and others with similar passions to become artists between multiple genres; this ultimately led to his discovery that Christian music allowed him to be spiritually connected with his beliefs. In his latest, Ron Poindexter steals the show in “Jesus Lift Me Up”.

This new sound embraces the love and joy people feel for God and His Son as “Jesus Lift Me Up” becomes an instant classic for praising the Lord. A piano melody leads hand in hand with Ron’s voice, which was built for gospel music. Through his controlled, passionate tone, Ron and his choral support join together to celebrate the relationship they all have with God. They long for the hold that He has on their lives and wants to be walking beside Him at all times. Through their devotion to letting their life be in His hands, they can live life without fear or anger; knowing that God will be with them always.

The viewer is taken through beautiful imagery of God’s greatest creations, from the ground He has built to the people He has raised. Individuals of all backgrounds are seen embracing what God has given through prayer and reflection. People turn to what is most important to them: the world God has made, the people He graced it with, and the holy bible. Taking a step back and thanking God for everything as they take in all of the unbelievable landscapes is all that they ever need.

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