Top Strategies for Mastering Online Craps and Rolling in the Chips

Roll the Dice Toward Victory: Top Strategies for Winning at Online Craps 

The clatter of dice, the whoops and hollers of victory, the agony of defeat – these are the sounds that draw us to the craps table time and again. Lady Luck is a fickle mistress, however, and going in blindfolded is a surefire way to empty your wallet. Master these top strategies, and you’ll be raking in the virtual chips in both physical and online casinos like Platin Casino in no time.

Learn the Lingo

Walking up to a craps table for the first time can be intimidating – it seems players are speaking a different language! Don’t let the jargon trip you up. Here are some key terms and slang you’ll frequently hear:

  • Pass Line Bet – The most common wager, placed on the pass line before the come out roll. You win if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11.
  • Don’t Pass Bet – The opposite of the pass line bet. You win if the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12.
  • Come Bet – Similar to the pass line bet, but placed after the come out roll. You’re betting the next roll will be a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 to “make your point.”
  • Laying the Odds – Placing an additional wager behind your original pass line or come bet, offered at true mathematical odds to reduce the house edge. 
  • Seven Out – When a 7 is rolled before the point is made, losing pass line, come, and odds bets. Ouch!
  • Stickman – The casino employee who controls the craps table with a stick, calling out rolls, managing bets, and pushing dice to the shooter. 
  • Snake Eyes – When the shooter rolls a 2. Unlike other numbers, this always loses.

Once you’ve mastered the lingo, you’ll feel right at home among the rowdy craps crew!

Mind the House Edge

The Slots Peak casinos don’t build those towering hotels by giving money away – the house edge favors them in every game, including craps. The edge varies depending on the bet:

  • Pass/Come Bet: 1.41% 
  • Don’t Pass/Don’t Come: 1.36%
  • Place Bets: 6.67% (4 or 10), 4% (5 or 9), 1.52% (6 or 8)
  • Field Bet: A whopping 5.56%
  • Proposition Bets: Up to 16% 

As you can see, those tantalizing one-roll proposition bets, like betting on a specific combination of dice or the shooter rolling a 2 or 12, may offer big payouts but have huge house edges. For best odds, stick to the pass line, come, odds, and place bets.

Take Odds to Improve Your Chances 

When playing the pass line or making a come bet, always take advantage of the “laying the odds” option. This side bet pays at true mathematical odds – 2:1 on points 4 or 10, 3:2 on points 5 or 9, 6:5 on points 6 or 8 – rather than the fixed payouts of place bets. Laying full odds can reduce the house edge to a mere 0.8%, vastly improving your long-term winning chances. The odds bets win if the original pass line or come bet wins, and lose if it loses, so there is no additional risk – just reward!

Set Loss Limits

It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of a winning streak or try to recoup losses by betting bigger. But deep down that road lies pain and regret. Casino games favor the house, so you will lose money over time.

Loss limits require discipline, but they prevent catastrophic losses and keep the game fun. Our goal is entertainment, after all, not financial ruin.

Use Betting Systems Cautiously

From the Martingale to the Paroli to the Iron Cross, betting systems promise a path to consistent craps profits if you just consistently increase or manage your wagers in a specific way. But while these systems can yield temporary winning streaks, in the long run the house edge prevails. The dice have no memory – each roll is random!

That said, systems like the Paroli, where you “let it ride” and raise your bets after wins, or the Iron Cross, where you hedge your hardways and increase lay bets at points, can be fun to try. Just don’t rely on them long-term, and be ready to end your progression when loss limits are reached.

Take Advantage of Free Play Opportunities

Before risking real money at online craps, track down opportunities to play for free. Many sites offer signup bonuses that include complimentary chips to try games. Some also have loyalty programs where points earned on paid play can be redeemed for bonus play credits.

Practicing for free is invaluable – you can hone strategy, get a feel for different bets, and build confidence without draining your bankroll. Pay attention to which bets work best with your style. Free play reduces risk while priming you for real money success.

When lady luck is on your side and you’ve mastered craps strategy, the riches of the green felt await. Let the dice fly and watch your chips stack high – with these top tips, craps success is within reach. It’s time to get in the game and have a blast!