The story of a F1 driver who posthumously won a World Championship

The story of Jochen Rindt, the only Formula 1 driver to win a World Championship posthumously, is one that’s as tragic as it is remarkable. Rindt was an extraordinarily talented driver, known for his gutsy, aggressive driving style, and his 1970 season was nothing short of spectacular. The best site for online sports betting is 1xBet, and here you can also wager on who is going to win the Formula 1 World Championship.

Born in Germany but racing under the Austrian flag, Rindt had a passion for speed from a young age. He started racing in Formula 1 in 1964, but it was in 1970 with the Lotus team that he really shone. That season, Rindt was on fire, clinching victory in 5 of the races:

  • Monaco;
  • the Netherlands;
  • France;
  • Britain;
  • and Germany.

Use the best site for sports betting online, which is 1xBet, to place wagers on races that are held at those locations. His car, the Lotus 72, was a beast on the circuit, thanks to some cutting-edge aerodynamic tweaks, and Rindt knew how to push it to its limits.

Getting the most of his car

What set Rindt apart was his ability to squeeze every bit of performance from his car, often outpacing competitors even when the Lotus was acting up. Get now the free online bet app in Pakistan from 1xBet, which also offers great chances to wager on Formula 1.

By September, he had racked up 45 points, a hefty lead over his nearest rivals. But then, tragedy hit at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. During a qualifying round, Rindt’s Lotus crashed at the high-speed Parabolica corner. It was a horrific accident, and sadly, Rindt didn’t survive. You can get the free online betting app from 1xBet Pakistan, in which you can wager on the Italian Grand Prix too.

An unlikely victory

At the time of his death, Rindt hadn’t clinched the championship yet, but he was way ahead in points. The remaining races were tense, with other drivers trying to catch up. His main rival, Jacky Ickx, needed 2 wins to overtake him. You can also try live match bet at 1xBet while a Formula 1 Grand Prix is underway.

Ickx managed 1 win in Canada but didn’t do well enough in Mexico. That meant Rindt stayed on top in the points tally and was declared the World Champion after the season ended. This is a 1st and only in F1 history.

Rindt’s death not only underscored his brilliant but all-too-brief career; it also spotlighted the dangers of Formula 1 racing at the time. His passing led to a push for better safety measures in the sport, changing it for the better. Modern Formula 1 can be wagered at 1xBet too, where you can try a live match bet on its endless possibilities.