Samsara release new song and video for “In Too Deep”

Samsara is a band focused on creating organic and textural music with an indie rock edge. The group has recently released a new song named “In Too Deep,” which feels like a great embodiment of their unique formula. After a brief drum and bass intro, the guitars come in with a jangly yet powerful riff that brings a lot of fullness to the mix right away.

The vocals are pleasantly laid-back and mellow, providing a soothing character that makes the song feel very dynamic. On one end, the guitar is very bright and sunny, while on the other, the vocals provide a more introspective overtone that adds a higher degree of intimacy to the track, “In Too Deep” is a well-arranged song as well, with the verses opting for a more subdued sound in order to allow the song dynamics to ramp up in the chorus when the guitars kick in in full force once again. Fans of artists such as the Strokes, Vampire Weekend, Bloc Party, or Francis Moon, should most definitely give this one a shot!

The track combines early 2000 throwback aesthetics with a contemporary vibe, making for a fresh, yet timeless tone that serves the song well.

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