DEF MACHINE Present “Break Thru” & “Slam Dance”

DEF MACHINE acts as the bridge between the music of yesterday and today. Through their music, listeners can travel through the way music has evolved while still being able to hold true to the classic sounds we all grew up listening to. Through DEF MACHINE, musicians and producers alike can take their raw talent of mastering the anatomy of instruments, voice, and sound to showcase true art. Their newest releases are the first look into their unreleased album that explores a wide variety of genres; in this case, a fast rap mixed with gospel elements in “Breakthru” and hard-rock rap in “Slam Dance.” They have learned from the musicians they love and admire but are now paving their own path and sound.

“Breakthru” takes listeners through a spiritual enlightenment. Feeling that a peak in life is enough of a push to get them through tough times, and taking full advantage of that moment will bring them right where they need to be. There is evil in every corner that we turn in, and seeing others commit their time to that darkness can make listeners feel distraught, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Choral backing vocals open the song to celebrate the spiritual awakening, followed by a poetic rap supported with sounds of strings and electric features. “Slam Dance” takes a turn as a different kind of high; one where people sing and dance with each other all night, with a fast-paced breakdown of words with intense drums and electric guitar.

“BreakThru” starts panning down the aisle of a grand cathedral to find MOD Diggidy standing behind the bible. Visuals of sadness, war, and the devil darken the lyrics but soon change to blue, heavenly skies, and new life as the piano and bass are played inside the holy space. “Slam Dance” has wild, colorful effects as a band plays enclosed the graffiti walls of a loud club. Extreme forms of excitement of lust perfectly match the passionate lyrics.