House Plants, Synthesizers, Drums – Greg Foat’s 2 Track Jazz Single ‘Spider Plant Blues’

Named for the plants that inspired this single, London-based musician Greg Foat is releasing his two track Jazz single ‘Spider Plant Blues’ digitally and on vinyl May 24th. The single will be the first vinyl release for digital music management, publishing, and production company Ameritz Music.

Greg Foat’s Spider Plant Blues is an ode to the plants fauna that adorn his home. Based on the musician’s mood, the plants will be moved around the house, recirculating air and energy that mixes up the inspiration in Foat’s home studio.

The result is an intricate synthesiser led piece that flourishes with skill, and yet refuses to call attention to itself. Foat’s keys trade phrases with those of his bandmates bassist Tom Herbert and drummer Ayo Salawu. The single exudes a skilled and laidback atmosphere, ideal for anyone looking for casual listening, but with so much more to discover for those looking for it.

Greg’s lifelong love/hate relationship with music came from the age of three when he fell off his auntie’s piano stool. In his childhood he became an avid vinyl collector, teaching himself to play from records before graduating to the Isle of Wight County Youth Jazz Orchestra and taking lessons from Gordon Beck.

Audiences are invited to share in the energy of the plants and feel their own bursts of inspiration upon listening to Spider Plant Blues upon its release across all platforms May 24th.