Argentina Durán ‘Rapsodia Mexicana’ Out June 1, 2024

Lyrical piano playing from the gleeful chords of Argentina Durán’s “Rapsodia Mexicana.” A lovely approach to the scale runs; there’s something delicate about it. He’s engaging in a dance-like procession, and the grandeur of the instrument is shown in full force. Simply a piano for the entirety of the proceedings, and it feels so rich and full of life. The melodic and rhythmic elements are inspired, as he employs many different techniques within the piece. Gallops and interludes of clusters all come together to show off the inherent beauty he sees in the world. Because, behind all the music, there’s an intrinsic optimism that ties the entire journey together.

The opener, “Vivo Meno mosso, espressivo,” the song has a celebratory quality, as there’s a timeless, classic tenor to the piece. He presents a passionate performance on the muscular “Vivo – Meno mosso.” “Vivo – Poco meno” has a stately grace as it presents a stream of consciousness within the work, adding to its significant heft. Much more spacious is the sprawling ambition of “Amar…(Nocturno),” where the work has a fragile beauty like it is about to come into bloom. A more restrained, cautious attitude ties together the charmingly emotional “Con tristeza.” A dignified piece rolls through as “Romanza sin palabras” has a yearning quality. “Rapsodia Mexicana” closes the album on a high note with a majestic, awe-inspiring finale.

Argentina Durán delivers a gorgeous, cinematic look at the piano on “Rapsodia Mexicana,” where the impressionist takes on the instrument, which results in some seriously surrealist moments.