Levi DaRosa Presents “They Don’t (Make’m Like You)”

Looking for the good in everything is the only thing one can do as one navigates the highs and lows of life, and Levi DaRosa has been able to do so through song. Since she was young, Levi was introduced to music as a part of her everyday life, through her mother’s cleaning jams and devoting all time and effort to learning instrumentals and vocal skills in school. She quickly learned to appreciate music, but then later learned how to use it to express her feelings when it’s hard to have control over them. Her musical expertise, combined with her raw talent with her smooth, soft voice, allows her to achieve her goal of making people feel good about their lives, no matter what a person may be going through.

“They Don’t (Make’m Like You)” is an ode to good memories that seem to slip away from everyone. The song begins with a captivating introduction of R&B beats, flowing right through Levi’s romantic vocals. Listeners all around the world experience relationships that end sooner than they could have ever imagined, or feel like a failure in life or a mistake that should have never happened. But to Levi, who sings a soft-spoken yet pain-filled tone, it’s just another moment that shapes how we think or decide to live day by day. Despite any negative moments, she wants her fans to know how they have positively impacted her, especially all of the minutes that have spent with love.

We follow a close-knit couple wandering their perfect date night. They stay close together and it is clear that this couple wants to spend every moment together. But, after flashbacks of love, Levi is seen singing by herself in the same spots where they once walked together. Levi sings about her old memories as she looks around for the feelings she had when she was in her relationship.

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