P Bailey New Single ‘Catching Feelings’

An infectious, intimate piece of pop pulls through as P Bailey embraces a confessional quality in “Catching Feelings.” Vocals swim through the sensual din in this hypnotic stance. The multiple layers interact to create a vast tapestry of sound. Rooted in pop, the piece takes on aspects of psychedelic, R&B, and soul into this coherent whole. The lyrics have a careful cadence, and the verses are sculpted carefully. By going for a distinctive balance with a distinctively lo-fi aesthetic, they sidestep trends for a work that is a bit more timeless, a testament to P Bailey’s unique approach. Within this approach, P Bailey taps into a slight 90s nostalgia.


He wastes no time in setting the mood. From the first moment, the shuffling beat glides along with a carefree attitude. The communal quality of the work comes from the fantastic interaction of the many different elements. In a virtual ecosystem, the atmosphere proves to be awe-inspiring. Glistening tones rise, giving some depth to the groove-centric approach. Melodies waft through and are perfectly matched by their vocals. A blurred version of beauty comes through, echoing vocals going up into the sky to swirl about lazily. Nothing about this feels rushed; they are on a contemplative kick, and the production adds to the interior monologue that the track expresses, a yearning desire, the first flutters of genuinely caring for another.

“Catching Feelings” presents a powerful, physical presence, with P Bailey proving adept at creating a powerful, muscular sound.