Debbie Christ Presents ‘Tower’

If you were to ask me what the one quality that runs through the songs found on Tower was, rather than talk about things such as innovation or confidence, mercurial genre-hopping or post-genre adventures, I would just say attitude.

Before you get to any of those other elements, and they are all present in no small amount, attitude that springs off the sonic page. And although attitude can get you a long way, it counts for little if you don’t have the songs to back it up.

Thankfully, Debbie Christ does, lots of them, enough, in fact, to fill an album in fact, an that album is called Tower. And what an interesting and exciting album it is, one truly the product of the post-genre age. And by that, I mean that Debbie Christ and the gang don’t see any demarcations between genres, and why should they?

And so, we are presented with an album that wanders between shimmering indie and snarling rock, understated spaciousness and psychedelia-infused oddities (oddities in the best sense of the meaning), songs that, at a turn, thwart genres and styles and age and tradition that nod to the past, cereate the sound of the present, and lay out a brilliant sonic road map to the future.