Adam Lanceley Presents ‘The Complete Adam Lanceley 2012-2023’ On June 3rd

After a dozen albums from one of the most inspirational artists you could ever hope to hear , Adam Lanceley combines some of his best and most meaningful tracks in a retrospective covering a series of personal , heartfelt songs that any lover of Bob Dylan would be proud to add to their collection especially when one understands that vinyl is at the heart and soul of it.

Adam Lanceley’s inspirational story has been featured on TV and major news articles when as a promising athlete, a devastating crash left him at death’s door. The odds were against him making it out alive, let alone being able to walk or talk again. Yes Adam fought back and for many years has used music as a way to highlight the way his world changed as well as developing a spiritual path to write and help produce a sound that has helped him navigate the world and bring a positive message to all those who have heard him.

‘The Complete Adam Lanceley’ combines a range of styles and an array of differing lyrical themes from experimental with a track like The Dream of Yesterday where Adam ‘tries different instruments, arrangements and styles’ to Leaving Scotland where Adam ventures into a political message for the first time. As we develop through this cathartic series of historic songs the upbeat side of Adam shines through with Heading for the Sunshine as well as returning to his musical roots and his love for the Beach Boys with the track A Dream I Had.

As we move through this hugely impressive album it is vital to understand the path Adam has followed which has been touched on within this rounded information , in order for the reader to fully grasp the road Adam has travelled. Instead of pondering over the incident which changed his life when a freak car crash left him with life changing injuries. Adam has turned everything into a strength and a force for positivity and determination. For many years he has embraced the recording studio life, the ways of a lyricists and also those of a developing guitar player to hone a style which is all his own.

As the album highlights across thirteen tracks he goes back to the very beginning of his adventure with what he believes was his first track, A Lover Like You , he believes it was a close run thing between this track and Back To Your Door which was his debut in the world of writing and in terms of the former track mentioned it is especially important to him as it was left off one of his previous albums , Epitaph to Innocence.

Handle with Care is a poignant message to someone Adam held very dear and again underlines the unique beauty of melody and lyrics, this in turn is followed on the 13 track album by Easy with You then the track where Adam really ‘rocks out’ in the form of Heart Baby a slice of real retro. Finally he comes right up to date with one of his latest songs , Behind Your Beauty , then wrapping this amazing series of songs up with the truly appropriate Thank You and Goodnight.

There is no better way to bring the whole project to a conclusion than giving Adam a chance to state in his own words the reasoning behind this project –

‘After releasing ‘Over the Horizon’ last year & after several albums prior to that which I’d said would be the final albums I’d make, I now have no desire to make more, for the moment at least…..’ Adam mischievously explains ‘ I already had the view that I’d narrated a chapter of my life through my music & found a happy uplifting way to end it. I’d also already made it clear after such a prolific output in a comparatively short time I needed a well- deserved break!’

‘ …..Making a vinyl to cement a legacy in music seemed like the next step but due to an on- going health issue, this began to feel like it might not happen. The issue is still there & if I did anymore recording , while my stomach feels like it does, it would be a real effort & wouldn’t give me any enjoyment really. I am so happy to add this record to my catalogue & my Idea for the artwork, I think encapsulates the concept. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not going to rule out more music & albums in the future but if there’s more, I want it to be because I want to make it rather than feel I have to make it to negotiate my way through a period of my life.’

So do yourself a favour seek out The Complete Adam Lanceley and turn your world into a better place.