Rising Star Allegra strikes gold with ‘Love You Right Back’ (ALOK Remix) 

Prepare to be captivated by Allegra’s latest single, ‘Love You Right Back’ (ALOK Remix). Bursting onto the scene with the force of a supernova, Allegra teams up with the incomparable ALOK to deliver a remix that is nothing short of spectacular.

With Allegra’s powerhouse vocals leading the charge, this track is a certified anthem for dancefloors all summer long. ALOK’s magic touch colours the song with an irresistible energy that is impossible to resist, gliding over a magnetic wall of sound. Let’s not forget that earworm of a chorus – whilst it’s destined to be spun on repeat; it also constructs an engaging atmosphere and something truly unforgettable. 

Allegra is renowned for stepping up the chart ladder, quickly becoming one of the hottest new acts in the UK. After topping the Music Week Commercial Pop Chart with the fiery offering ‘Round & Round’ featuring DJ great Tiesto, her ability to enhance theseclub  hits with such a unique, fiery passion proves to be unstoppable.

Forming a song that is sure to stand the test of time, ‘Love You Right Back (ALOK remix) is a must-listen for fans of electro-pop music everywhere. Get ready to lose yourself in the sonic bliss of Allegra’s latest masterpiece. 

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