The Quivering Palm Present ‘Back Around Again for the First Time’

A dark, brooding beauty bares all as the Quivering Palm sculpts a mysterious realm in “Back Around Again for the First Time.” The stylistic variation adds to the album’s diversity, ranging from 90s ambient pop to shoegaze to industrial-edged beats with a grungy disposition. Vocals tie the wild experience together, giving the album an animalistic presence. Lyrics give the album this otherworldly charm. By expanding the sound way out, the Quivering Palm explores an enormity, making it feel like this world is unending.

“Nowhere” starts with sweeping synthesizers before the heaviness seeps in. Aspects of it evoke an early Nine Inch Nails barrage. Churning grooves anchor the thoughtful mediation for “The Wait,” with guitars chugging along. The pining aspect of the lyrics has this sense of feeling stuck, of wanting to break free. Trip-hop beats roll out on the aggressive tenor of “Shitlist.” Vocals are buried deep in the mix, giving the song an eerie, cryptic mood. The classical elements of “Tale of the Kagonesti” are much softer with the approach, where the drum machine insists on being heard. Hard-edged “Another Day” has a punk-rock ethos, going for this completely cutting-edged quality, with the vocals spaced out. “Curses, Stones, and Rags” brings the entire experience to a fantastic conclusion, with the dreamy demeanor having a warm, inviting presence.

The Quivering Palm delves into deeply felt surrealism, and “Back Around Again for the First Time” completely consumes the listener.

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