Top Tips for Improving Your FC 24 Skills

Losing too much at FC 24? Read our EA FC 24 ultimate guide to improve your skills in FC 24 today.

The team at U7Buy know exactly how tough it can be to win at EA FC 24. Even the most experienced players often struggle to score some goals. We hope the following tips will help you. These tips are (mostly) aimed at Ultimate Team, but you can throw these into the equation no matter what game mode you’re playing.

Don’t Sprint

While it can be tempted to run across the pitch at hurtlingly fast speeds, it’s not worth it. Spring sparingly. If you sprint constantly in the game, then you’ll misplace your passes. You’ll also find it tough to move your player in the direction you want to run in.

The only time you should be sprinting is if you need to make a quick break, i.e. you are running in on the goal. 

Only Pass in the Direction You’re Running

This is, mostly, because FC 24 is a bit weird with the passing. It only works properly if you pass in certain directions. So, turning around and passing behind you can be slow and inaccurate. You can do it, but make sure that you have a bit of space available. We suggest that you only ever pass forward. It will keep your team moving forward, giving you a much greater chance of scoring a goal.

Play, Play, and Play Some More 

The only way you’ll ever get better at EA FC 24 is if you actually play the game. Honestly, you can watch all the YouTube videos you want, and read all the tip guides you want – if you don’t play the game, then you’re never going to win playing FC 24. Simple. Even the best players probably took years and years of daily play to be competitive against some of the other big players. Remember – FC has been around for over 30 years (originally as FIFA). There are people who only ever play this game. They’re good.

Experiment With Formations

If you’re playing with Ultimate Team, then experiment with the formation options you’ve got. You’ll eventually find a formation that suits your idea of playing the game, as well as something that works well for the team you have at your disposal. For example, some people like to play more defensive, while others like a wide attack. Find something that gels with you. You won’t get it right the first time.

Use the Co-Op Camera 

One of the first things you should do is change the camera in game. The standard camera isn’t brilliant. Switch to a co-op camera (you can do this, even if you are not playing co-op), and you’ll have a far wider view of everything happening on the field.

Improve Your FC 24 Ultimate Team 

Finally – improve your team. Better players in your team will make the game easier. We know that this is something that is far easier said than done, so we recommend that you buy FIFA coins to top up your account. This will give you all the funds you need to boost your team’s quality. U7Buy is one of the best platforms for that. They are reliable, and affordable.