Dylan Taylor Presents “Smoke Clears”

For Nashville based Dylan Taylor, music has always been around in her life. From the moment her father taught her about the impact writing can have on how one interprets their life, she turned to the artists that she looked up to, and followed their career paths by becoming a musician herself. But, as she has grown older, the power of her music has been able to allow her to get to know herself, and it allows her to understand how to communicate her feelings in the best way. Creating magic with other musicians over time, Dylan has taken her rustic yet polished voice and combined it with her favorite sounds of Americana and Rock n Roll fusion. Her newest song “Smoke Clears” adds a classic sound to her songcraft library, and encapsulates the time that rock ‘n’ roll was taking the music industry by storm. Between releasing albums to starting bands, she has the ability to connect with people who listen to her music by telling the stories that they are unable to tell themselves.

In “Smoke Clears,” the universal feeling of being afraid of one’s own rage is captured and brought to life. Is there a ‘right way’ for people to snap, or do they let their rage explode, leaving a path of smoke and rubbles in its wake? One of life’s biggest challenges is finding a way to let out anger without hurting the people around them. Sure, staying grounded, with a clear mind can be enough. But the moments where listeners need to release their baggage can interfere with others, but trusting oneself and the timing of it all, is quite often just what the doctor ordered. With upbeat rhythms and jamming guitars, Dylan rocks away as she sings an anthem that disperses any fear.

Dylan Taylor is wrapped in the innocent sheet as a younger girl embarks on a journey in her own home to ghost hunt. The girl’s imagination takes hold of her, as she simply looks around her room for any signs of spirits. She quickly gains more confidence and finds the necessary armor to take on any evil doers that may be lurking around the halls. With green slime and photo evidence, the girl becomes her own hero, and prepares herself to take on anything strange she comes across.

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