Italian deathcore band Human Deception features She Must Burn on new single Dark Roots

Following the release of self-titled single and the final winter show at WE ARE DEATHCORE, supporting Defamed, italian band Human Deception welcomes spring with a massive featuring. New single “Dark Roots” is the third release within the new era and for the occasion they asked to borrow the voice of beautiful Valis Volkova, English actor, singer, and model, trained as an opera singer at Royal Northern College of Music and currently vocalist of Londoner band She Must Burn. An apt choice designed to offer listeners all the magnificence of symphonic deathcore for which they keep the flag high.

The single presents itself as the worthy heir of “Originally, It Was One”, published in 2021 on debut EP Chasm of Desire. The song opens in an explosive way, catapulting the listener into a vortex of guitars and strings: the sensations that the piece wants to convey are immediately revealed, the singer’s heartbreaking screams dominate in the first bars, acting as a prelude to the explosiveness of Valis Volkova’s voice that pierces the song. Accompanying her are the guitars that intertwine to form a carpet of melodies, where the singer’s powerful voice juggles in a memorable refrain.

Listen to “Dark Roots”:

In the central part, Human Deception play their winning cards thanks to the alternation of groovier rhythmic parts marked by bass and drums and the closing breakdown accompanied by the notes of a piano with a “lullaby” sound which leads back again to the openings on the chorus. In the finale all the space is left to Valis, who gives free rein to her singing skills, closing the single with songs with oriental tunes.

Human Deception are a melodic deathcore band active since 2021. Born in Milan from the ashes of Drop Hole 0, the group immediately stood out as one of the young promises of the core panorama, combining melodicity and symphonic elements in its sound to contrast the rawness and heaviness of deathcore. The debut EP Chasm of Desire was released in 2022, followed the following year by the instrumental version of the album. Over the years they have participated in the We Are Deathcore Fest and had the opportunity to open for international artists of the caliber of Our Hollow, Our Home, Shadow of Intent, Enterprise Earth, Angelmaker, To the Grave, Humanity’s Last Breath, Signs of the Swarm and Defamed. In preparation for a future project, Dark Roots is the third collaboration following the singles Altar ov Madness (feat. Defamed) and Human Deception (feat. Johnny Ciardullo of Carcosa).

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