World5 Spotlight Video for “I Get It”

World5 makes universal music for fans of catchy pop rock with a purpose. The band is very excited about the new video for “I Get It” AND the upcoming album.

“Watch one of the videos off of WORLD5´s brand new album release ‘3’ coming May 10, 2024. With 11 songs, the album showcases the band’s signature sound which blends elements of pop, rock, and soul and features the powerful and emotive vocals of lead singer Lou Evans. Join the band on their musical journey at,” said World 5.

Jimmy Rae of Skope Entertainment Inc. had this to say, “I Get It” supplies an impeccable sound overall along with potent lyrics. This music speaks to the soul and “I Get It” all the way! This song features a wonderful arrangement and words that speak volumes like “The only thing that is real is where we are right now.”