The Heard Eye Presents New Album ‘Funkalypse’

Beginning as a remote band during the global pandemic of Covid, The Heard Eye, consisting of Paul Schneider (vocalist/trumpeter), Atma Anur (drummer/producer), and Hannes De Kassian (guitarist), have dropped their debut album, Funkalypse.

The Heard Eye, who has been teasing songs for the past several years, has released a gripping musical album with a lovely combination of 11 really grooving tracks that will make you want to dance. Their EP, which received hundreds of spins and dozens of additions, is also part of this offering.

The band combines energetic rhythms, vocals that soar, and tenacious nostalgia with their musicianship. Funkalypse, is a cross-genre voyage that transports listeners to a world of intriguing soundscapes. Their discography reflects their inventive and free attitude. With this unforgettable listening experience, they make a lasting impact.

The Heard Eye are an accomplished musical flavouring band whom combines deep-rooted jazz with lively, dynamic funk and rock elements, as well as elements of Latin and world music, to create their distinctive sound.

Funkalypse, is packed with infectious tunes like ‘Say It With The Night’, ‘Do Whatchu Be’, Boomerang’, and ‘Vimana’, the endearing selections highlight their musical prowess and ability to put together a superb collection of timeless songs.

Prepare to lose yourself in The Heard Eye’s compelling melodies and enticing sounds. Get our music directly at your fingertips by streaming or downloading their newest songs for on-the-go listening. They are incredibly impressive works of art showcased on, Funkalypse.


It’s evident right away that The Heard Eye are serious about their work. From start to finish, all 11 of the tunes have an appeal to listen to. So, what are your thoughts? Put on your headphones and turn up the music! Funkalypse’s infectious energy and upbeat songs will make a slight positive impact on your life.

Danielle Holian