Major Ouf releases “BIG MOVES N’ MAJOR OUFS”

Conversations with the mirror, clingy inner demons and honest takes on growing up. This multifaceted EP tells a tale of a worn-down self-image, and its transformation towards acceptance, confidence and self-love. Major Ouf is utilizing elements from artists like Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, Sam Evian and Billie Eilish, but they’re sewn together into fresh, new patterns that make the EP hard to categorize into a specific genre. Each track represents a new step towards maturity, the EP coming full circle by ending with the song, “GODSEND”, a tune that embraces child-like dreaming and enamorment. Although this is their first EP as a band, the five musicians have already made a characteristic sound for themselves.

“BIG MOVES N’ MAJOR OUFS” kicks off with the short intro track, “!!”, gradually building up the energy and tension before transitioning into the rhythmic landscapes of “FOCUS”, an upbeat blend of old school disco and UK house. With its diverting melodies, it serves as a pleasant surprise for enthusiasts of the Jamiroquai formula. Despite the fun and danceable instrumental, the lyrics contradict the energetic vibe with its lament lyricism, depicting lead singer Marie’s rather pessimistic view on her own abilities and self-worth. The debut single “2close4comfort” keeps up the fierce tempo, this time colliding with monumental guitarscapes and synth layers. “face2face” is a purer form of house, the outro drawing inspiration from 80s pop music. The lyrics are about self-reflection, realizing you no longer recognize the person in the mirror. “4walls” represents a turning point on the EP, when the perspective shifts from blaming the world, to looking inwards, the band dipping their toes into the hip-hop genre.

The EP ends with “GODSEND”, a simple beat serving as backbone for “Kid A-esque” textures, being led by a super intimate vocal. The song’s enchanting dreaminess depicts a broken individual learning how to love. Despite covering a lot of ground, the EP is musically centered in grooves inspired by early R&B/disco, yet produced with a modern pop approach. It’s an easily digestible, yet elaborate collection of tunes, serving as an introduction to Major Ouf’s intriguing musical universe.



Major Ouf is a fresh take on the hard hitting, ambitious pop band. Starting off as an existentially nihilistic disco project, Major Ouf is the result of a band voluntarily descending into madness: Gradually more violent. Realizing what matters. Realizing what doesn’t matter. The groove of funk, the soul of hip hop and the ambition of rock. The sound of an existential crisis, unfolding externally. The sound of pop music with a pedigree.