Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir feat. Shawn Cotterell Present “God Is Good”

In 1986, the people of the beloved Scarborough of Toronto gathered together to create the Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir, an age-diverse group of men and women looking to sing together. Since then, they have thrived together and have perfected a true community of voices for the world to hear. Under the direction of Shawn Cotterell, the award winning choir has performed around the country for multiple venues and with other well-known singers and ensembles such as Grammy Award winner Stevie Wonder, Chrisette Michelle, David Foster and the Clark Sisters. Their newest album REFLECTIONS is set to release soon on Impact Gospel Recordings and IndieBlu Music a division of the MNRK Nashville label, with their single looking towards why they get up to sing together. “God is Good” encompassed what the Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir is all about; thanking God for what they have given them.

The Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir proclaims their faith through song, and their song “God is Good” is the ultimate anthem to what they believe in. They recognize all the good that God has put into their lives, and their gift to return to him is praising his work through song. Just saying his name collectively acts as a prayer full of love and hope. Through layered harmonies between multiple voice groups, the male and female voices join forces to create one voice, one family serving God. “God is Good” is a celebration of being children of God and thanking him for bringing life to them.

Showcasing the district of Scarborough of Toronto, Ontario, the Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir takes listeners on a spiritual journey as they sing in the wonderful world God has given them. The choral group is seen singing and moving in sync; each singing with their arms open to the sky and smiles on their faces. Shawn Cotterell and each member of the group and their church, from the past and present, are highlighted throughout the video as disciples of God. They are living proof that He lives in each of them and they are blessed to live next to one another and sing together.

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