Jim Vierra & Friends Presents “Just One Touch”

For over 40 years, Jim Vierra has played, produced, and sung it all. From being exposed to music through his mother to up and coming rock and roll bands, he has found an immense amount of opportunity to make a career from his creative experiences. Through his production company and record label Fifty Something Records,” he has joined together with others who have the same passion as him. As he played through different genres he excitingly found that his calling was through Christian Rock, and using music to his advantage as a way to proclaim his faith and worship the Lord. In his latest single “Just One Touch,” the song serves as a guide for those looking for God as they go through tough times. Jim hopes that everyone can find a “touch” of peace and prayer and that those who follow Jesus Christ and God will open their hearts to their faith and have confidence in the way he rolls.

“Just One Touch” takes in the unpredictable circumstances of our lives and transforms it into a message from the Holy Spirit. Led by Grammy-nominated faith based singer Ron Poindexter, he does the lyrics justice with his soulful, powerful, smooth voice that has purpose and meaning. Gorgeous instrumentals and strings support Ron’s voice, alongside a beautiful and confident group of women presenting backing vocals. They give themselves to His hand and allow Him to guide them in whatever direction He may want them to go. Life can have its dark and dreary moments that seem impossible to get out of, until the realization that God is the light that will lead out of it. Through love, trust is essential in a relationship with God, and just one singular gift from Him is enough to get through every day. Making God the focus in life will lead to bright days and a happy, fulfilling future.

The “Just One Touch” video opens with a stunning visual of a hand reaching out to the light that God provides; this picture alone speaks a million words about how it feels for an individual to be guided through the lonely darkness at God’s hand. As Ron Poindexter sings, we see many different people in circumstances of hardships and troubled times. But, as they reach out to God and find him in church and through prayer. Looking up to Him and understanding the calling to accept the Lord into their life leads to living through kindness and helping others.

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