Michael V. Doane Presents “LET’S GO”

Michael V. Doane is an absolute powerhouse of a musician and recording artist. He placed himself in the ideal spot by bonding with devoted fans and taking the time to embrace and perfect every detail and skill it takes to create music. Doane has taken individuality by storm by holding on to his talent and breaking out every aspect of fun, upbeat sounds. He keeps music alive with his journey just beginning with his latest release “LET’S GO!” which grabs onto his electric sounds and his core being. As it is seen through any live performance on stage, or just through the sound itself, Doane serves as the lesson that following one’s dreams will not only lead to success for oneself but success for others as they learn through his music.

Throughout his time in the music scene, Doane has happily accepted each opportunity that presents itself to him to explore every aspect of the entertainment industry. Looking past his work as a musician, there are few of his peers that could prove themselves as a jack-of-all-trades as much as Doane can. As a producer, he co-founded his own label titled Bullet Records, which has gone on to work with artists worldwide. In New York City, he serves as the artistic director of the Flatiron Theater Company, where he teaches acting classes and heads numerous critically-acclaimed revivals. He has written several award-winning screenplays, including Wide Awake In Dreamland, gave performances in films such as The Marc Pease Experience, and composed music for a wide variety of TV shows. And because he’s a full-time parent of 5 year old twins, he’s integrated fatherhood into his music in a fun way for the whole family. He’s currently completing edits and mixes on child-friendly videos and music for a YouTube channel he hopes to launch during the holiday season.

“LET’S GO!” is what people should listen to to get them out of bed every morning to tackle their day at a full sprint. With a country-rock ensemble and a stack of his own backing vocals, Doane delivers a top-hit tune with his authentic voice wrapped in the sounds of electric and acoustic guitars. Having adventures is what keeps people moving, and Doane captures it wonderfully. The adrenaline that comes from being open to all new experiences makes any moment worthwhile and worthy of taking risks. In “LET’S GO!” pleasure is found in the simplest things, such as sleeping in the car with a loved one or sharing a dip in a nearby, natural pool. Through all those experiences come out people who are older and take things slow, but still have the same energy, jam-packed personality, and love for each other at the start of their journey because the only way to go is up. By the song’s end, fans will be wishing they had a bag packed, a friend by their side, and an endless road in front of them. As a fan the rock-and-roll of the 1970s, Doane has a special appreciation for the acts that still manage to get themselves up on the stage to this day, Elton John and The Rolling Stones as examples. He takes that as inspiration and parallels it with the seemingly mundane experience of growing old. “LET’S GO” takes that foundation and uses it to throw a celebration of life in our twilight years.

Music is the universal power that keeps people together, and an old-time radio can be the source for everything lyrics and melodies provide. And as if we expected anything else, the music video for “LET’s GO” is self-directed by Doane, serving as yet another example of the versatility of his skills as a creative. The “LET’S GO!” video follows an older couple looking to drop everything and start their journey exploring the world, with the radio in hand. An experience they have been waiting to start, this trip is the necessary bonding time they needed together. Pure excitement and a willingness to start over provides them with the fun they long for, while shots of Doane and the band are dressed to impress, rocking out and dancing while playing their song. Quickly, the woman learns she is sick, but doesn’t let that stop her adventurous approach to life until her last day. Although sad without his love, the man holds on tight to what brought them together throughout all their time: music and the radio. Doane directing and starring in the video further links his real world experiences with his art. The couple in the video represent Doane himself as he looks back at his long and accomplished career, and in spite of all that is behind him, he continuously looks forward to his next project.

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