The Meyers Bros release their debut single ‘Ain’t No Love In The House’ featuring singer Katie Jones

London-based house music DJs Warren Meyers and Matt Meyers, known as The Meyers Bros, have unleashed their inaugural collaboration with vocalist Katie Jones, marking an exciting debut for the duo. With deep roots in the UK dance scene, the brothers bring their wealth of experience to this fresh endeavour.

Their debut single, ‘Ain’t No Love In The House’, draws inspiration from an unreleased gem by renowned hitmaker Dave Meyers, the brothers’ father. Infused with late disco, funk, and house vibes, the track pays homage to classic sounds while offering a contemporary twist.

Speaking on the release, The Meyers Bros state: “We were inspired to create ‘Ain’t No Love In The House’ after hearing ‘Afraid To Feel’ by ‘LF System’ (which we loved). Those guys had cleverly sampled a classic late 70s song, slowing it down in the breaks to the original feel and then speeding it up on the drops to make it a hit on today’s dance floors. Our Dad, Dave Meyers, is a veteran hit songwriter, and we knew he had an unreleased song that we always loved, and we believed we could truly do justice to it using a similar approach. We reached out to our friend ‘Katie Jones,’ an exceptional talent, and she came and recorded my Dad’s original version. We then sampled the original version to create this funky disco house track, ‘Ain’t No Love In the House’. We hope it makes you feel something, Love it, Hate it, any feeling is good”.

The Meyers Bros are no strangers to success, boasting an impressive track record of chart-topping hits and collaborations with industry heavyweights. Their accolades include numerous #1 chart positions on both UK’s Official Music Week Charts and Billboard, alongside prestigious awards such as the ‘Best International Dance Producers Award’ at the MMA’s.

As prolific producers and remixers, they’ve left their mark on the global music landscape, collaborating with icons like Snoop Dogg, Mary J Blige, and David Morales. With their latest release, The Meyers Bros continue to push boundaries and solidify their status as dance music innovators. ‘Ain’t No Love In The House’ is a testament to their enduring talent and relentless pursuit of sonic excellence.