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For those who are not looking for a typical Gangnam karaoke but want to enjoy it in a more luxurious environment and facilities, we recommend the best. Gangnam Karaoke

Please try Karaoke right now, which can be reserved 24 hours a day.

We are informing you of not only karaoke rooms but also various event rooms, so take a look and find out about all Gangnam businesses now.

It is more helpful to learn about these systems in advance than to visit without knowing anything about them.

If the place you frequently visit does not exist, the best way to visit it is through search.

However, rather than going without knowing the location and price of the company, we recommend that you consult over the phone and then visit.

​We do not charge any unreasonable fees, and some companies may charge such fees or make pickup impossible.

We pick up the entire Gangnam-gu area, so please feel free to call us at any time.

Currently, it has been quite a long time since Gangnam Shirt Room itself has been actively operated and known.

So now there are quite a few well-known company names.

Through the shirt rule, various event rooms are created, and various items such as leggings and lingerie are available.

So, currently, you can get information about both leggings and shirts on the website. Please understand that during crowded times such as weekends or public holidays, there may be a bit of waiting time unless you tell us in advance.

However, for those who visit Director Jua directly through the website, we provide immediate guidance without any waiting time or delay. If you are not sure of the nearby route or need a pick-up, please call and we will come right away.