Rob Eberle New Single “Half of You”

We hear a lot about musical journeys running through the course of a song, both in terms of the development of the music itself and the narrative the lyrics lay out before us. Well, Half of You, Rob Eberle’s latest release, seems to effortlessly tick boxes relating to both those ideas.

Lyrically, he takes us through a reflective thought process, one that muses over a partner’s duality and explores the idea of whether it is possible to be in love with only half of a person and whether it is possible to fix the other half, to make them whole. It is an idea that is both romantic and, to be honest, slightly tragic, the thoughts of a person walking a fine line between unrequited love and not being able to walk away.

But musically, too, there is a journey being undertaken. One that starts in the realms of the understated piano ballad, one voice, and a cascade of spacious musical lines, and then proceeds to slowly surround itself with sonic weight and various instrumental tones and musical textures until it ends in more heightened atmospheres.

This is a great, clever song that reminds us why Rob Eberle is such an exciting artist, one that you need to watch very closely indeed.