Nana Bangz Presents New Single ‘Alive’

While sometimes incorporating the melodic riff to Seals & Crofts’ “Summer Breeze,” Nana Bangz has created a soulful rap with “Alive.” However, the sample worked into this track is most likely the 1974 cover version by the Isley Brothers. It’s certainly one lively track.

Described as a cross between Missy Elliott and Lil’ Kim, Nana Bangz grew up around music, as her father was a music video creator, which found Bangz hanging around many of these video shoots. Sometimes dressed like an urban cowgirl, Bangz compares herself to The Karate Kid at times during the video for this track. On it, Bangz wields a sword or a gun to show off her toughness. She’s also seen chasing after some poor dude. In places, she’s driving a truck during this chase. Other times, she runs after him. During these running scenes, she struggles to keep her, uh, upper assets inside her loose-fitting top. (It isn’t always easy being a well-endowed avenger).

Although the chorus repeats the phrase, “I’m alive,” Bangz is repeatedly shown threatening the life of the man she’s chasing. So, does feeling alive involve making sure another person does not stay alive? It is a bit of an odd juxtaposition, to celebrate life on one hand, and then attempt to take another’s life on the other hand. Furthermore, the innocent words to “Summer Breeze” feel a little paradoxical on this track. The chorus goes, “Summer breeze, makes me feel fine.” However, Bangz isn’t shown backing in the beautiful sunshine. She turns into a monster, as she puts it, at times. Feeling alive, then, also involves feeling strong. The more able she is to take on her foes, the more alive she feels. That’s certainly what is suggested by this song’s visual.

The track’s soulful vocals are contrasted with Bangz’s angry rapped parts. Thus, she’s a complicated girl. She loves life. She loves weaponry. She probably even digs a cool breeze on a summer’s day. The essential point is that she relishes how she feels. Emotions, whether one would view these as positive or negative ones, are what this song is all about. She’s not shy to tell you exactly how she feels at any given time.

Everybody has different definitions about what it means to be alive and feel alive. Some of us prefer the more contemplative, quiet approach to experiencing liveliness. Nana Bangz is just not that sort of girl, though. She probably doesn’t watch chick flicks on Friday nights. No, she’s likely going to put something on that has a lot of violence, blood and guts. Or at least this video/song shows that side of her personality.

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One has to believe Seals & Crofts never imagined their music would be used in a song that’s this gangsta. Then again, recorded music is just one of the tools in rap artist’s arsenal. Nana Bangz is a skilled rapper, as well as a soulful singer, and she’s here to tell the world that she’s alive and well, and “Alive” is her strong musical statement of purpose.

-Dan MacIntosh