Nero Simon and the Sunsetters New Album ‘Waveland’ Out March 15, 2024

A classic 70s cool adorns Nero Simon and the Sunsetters’ “Waveland.” With an evident fondness for the Beach Boys, the songs feature honeyed choruses and beautiful melodies. The songs work together to create this cohesive whole. Songs last as long as needed, as relaxing as a summer breeze. Plenty of colors enter the arrangements, and the instrumentation is highly creative. By taking their time, the main emphasis is on the atmosphere more than anything else. The lyrics capture a fantastic mood. The number of layers is deceptive as they keep things seemingly minimal, allowing a sense of contemplation to enter the equation.

The serenity of “Sail On Silver Girl” opens the album on a pastoral note, setting the tone for what follows. Acoustic guitars blend with the tactile percussion on the Brian Wilson-inspired “Mermaids of Key West.” On “Tell Me,” they take from the golden era of AM pop with a beautiful, Sunday-afternoon-inspired vibe. Spacious to its core is the luxurious sprawl of “Long Way.” Going for a communal spirit is the dialogue of “Solider of Fortune,” whose tones echo into the distance. Anticipation rests at the heart of “Moonlight (Getting It Right).” Psychedelic shimmers sweat off “Zanzibar Blues.” The album’s highlight is the infinitely catchy “Neon Sunset,” which has a languid pace and pitch-perfect temperament. “Baker Street” ends the album on a perfect note.

“Waveland” has a sun-drenched art-pop style that shows off Nero Simon and the Sunsetters’ soothing summer jams.