Southbound 75 Present “Running On Empty” After Success of “Spilled Champagne”

Southbound 75 captures a slice of contemporary Americana in the soulful “Runnin’ On Empty.” Lyrics matter. They use a concise word choice to describe people’s struggles– putting their whole lives into work without having time for anything else. Arrangement-wise, they kick up a storm, with the driving rhythm as a perfect counterpart to the vocal delivery. With an anthem for the working class, they reveal what it means to scrape by. Detail is essential to the experience, letting the song explore everything that keeps people down.

From the first moment, they kick things into high gear. How they let the sound build adds to the journey they take the listener on. A degree of sympathy is shown for those barely making ends meet, as every single cost increases while there’s no requisite increase in pay. With this crunch, the sense of hopelessness comes closer to the listener, allowing a swirling colossus. Interplay amongst the group adds to the sheer power, with the instrumentation feeling fantastic as it gets increasingly more muscular. Multi-faceted and multi-layered adds to the sense of enormity, helping to highlight the main message. Everything about it has this sense of universality, with the song transforming into a sheer wall of sound, crashing over the listener in a pitch-perfect fashion as it comes together in one final rush.

A stately, arena-filling sound radiates throughout “Runnin’ On Empty” as Southbound 75 shows something so often overlooked –how many people are overworked, overwhelmed, and burnt out.