How to Utilise the Puffco Peak Vaporizer?

The Puffco Peak, sometimes known as a “Smart Rig,” is a portable electronic vaporizer designed for cannabis concentrate users who want to avoid the dirty and time-consuming portions of the dabbing procedure, such as lighting a blowtorch and waiting for your nail to flush red. The Peak’s technology is to design the heat and timing to produce the optimal hit, which the business describes as “intelligent temperature calibration” and “haptic feedback.” The puffco peak vaporizer allows for the pleasure of concentrated tastes. 

PuffCo Peak Vaporizer

The puffco peak vaporizer is made of pure hand-blown borosilicate glass and comes with a removable ceramic bowl, making it simple to clean after each session. Its durable silicone base ensures a stable setup, preventing the device from moving about. The Puffco Peak Vaporizer has four different user settings to meet the demands of any vaper. 

Fully charge

Just like when you first bring home a new phone or tablet, you should let it fully charge. Fortunately, the Peak and Peak Pro have warning lights that indicate when you need to charge, so you don’t have to worry about your gear dying halfway through without a warning. In the two and a half hours it takes to charge your new Puffco Peak, you can bake some treats, hit a dab straw, clean your house, or relax and watch a movie: the possibilities are limitless! It may appear to be a long time to other devices, but the Peak differs from your phone in that you cannot use it while charging: all power is pulled through the gadget, so the charge does not hold. 

Fill the bubbler

When filling the Puffco Peak Glass, less is always preferable. Puffco recommends filling slightly beyond the two air openings, and we agree. Anything more than that may cause water to enter your mouth. Water can damage both the electronic base and the atomizer, so drive to fill it before attaching it to the base.

Fill with water and load the chamber.

Your new Peak includes a finely constructed glass attachment that acts as a mouthpiece and a water chamber. Fill the cone-shaped glass to the fill line near the bottom before placing it on the base. Doing this may result in water and excess moisture spilling through the rig.

Attach the bubbler to the base.

As you may have observed when you opened the carrying case, the puffco peak neatly disassembles for easy and safe transit. To attach the bubbler, find the little hole on the bottom of the outside of the glass and align it with the atomizer. Place the front of the glass beneath the lip, then push the rear in to complete the seal. Check the airflow by hitting it a few times while it’s turned off. If it seems too tight, take it off and realign it.

Toggle Settings and Fill the Bowl.

To do this, make sure everything is spun off while you load your bowl since you don’t want any of your dab to burn out or separate, nor do you want to worry about your oil spilling out of the bowl. The Peak’s bowl is the ideal size for any flower, hash, or concentrate, and it delivers a filtered, 5-star hit after all is said and done. Double-tap the Power button on the front of the rig (the black Puffco logo) to switch on the new device. Multi-colored lights represent the various heat levels: blue is the least hot, white is the hottest, and everything in between leads up to white. 

Run a test session.

Let’s perform a test to ensure that everything is ready for your first session. To activate it, press and hold the button for three seconds until it vibrates and the band light goes white. Click once to raise the temperature one level to the maximum temperature (White Light). Double-click to engage the heater and let it run through its complete cycle. Notice how it lights for 20 seconds while heating up and vibrates when ready. The light then remains solid for the session before vibrating and turning off.

Ad Carb Cap: Heat it Up

The bowl is whole, the heat is on, and the best is yet to come. Once you’ve selected your chosen heat settings, wait around 20 seconds for the Peak to vibrate and flash a green light three times; if it does, you’re ready. Finally, add the carb cab so that the heat from the bowl circulates throughout the dab, producing more vapour. To get the most vapour out of each hit, inhale carefully, like a joint or vape pen.

Load up.

Place a rice-grain size of your selected material on the bottom of the atomizer. Make sure it is close to the centre and not against the walls. Double-click the button, and your Peak will begin to heat up. It takes about 20 seconds to reach temperature and will flash and vibrate three times when ready to use. Inhale carefully, and enjoy!