Stays In Vegas Present New Single ‘Nevermore’

An old-school hard rock style rages forth on Stays In Vegas’ stark vision of “Nevermore.” With a slight nod towards more gothic elements, they build the sound up into a wall of fury. The volume is a must because the song feels physical. Rhythms, while slow, have a determined stance, working themselves into a frenzy of activity. The highlight comes from the riffs, going for a jagged edge that cuts to the bone. The lyrics have a defiance, with Stays In Vegas finding a different path, one of pure freedom. So many other elements blend into this singular style, with a riotous, raging quality ringing in the ears in a perfectly gorgeous fashion.

From the very first moment, the atmosphere arises. Heavy and thick with this quality, the piece works itself into a frenzy. Such activity ensures there is no escape, at least at first. With this mournful plea, the song shifts into something much more inspiring. By incorporating some of Alice In Chains’ bluesy elements, the song gains a pointed form of attack. Allowing the work plenty of time to roam, they tap into an arena-filling sound that becomes almost intoxicating. The swirling aspect transforms into the hysterical, and the word choice they incorporate within the verses adds to the sense of journey, resulting in something gorgeous for the finale.

“Nevermore” features the impeccable chops of Stays In Vegas, for they embrace a classic sound and do so with the utmost respect.

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