Love Crushed Velvet Presents “Blind Emotion”

Love Crushed Velvet was founded in 2008 by lead vocalist and songwriter A.L.X. Over the years, he would be joined by other rock legends, consisting of drummer Thommy Price, guitarist Jimi Bones, and bassist Enzo Penizzotto, forming Love Crushed Velvet’s central recording members. The band would eventually put out their self-titled debut album in 2011, and experience viral popularity with their songs “Letter” and “Goodbye Goldblatt”. A.L.X. has stated that he draws influence from a wide variety of sources and genres, but credits New York City as his most significant muse. Armed with a lifetime’s worth of experience, Love Crushed Velvet continues to embody the spirit of the city’s half-a-century worth of rock music.

Love Crushed Velvet’s latest release, “Blind Emotions”, is a self-reflection of the vulnerability that comes with opening up to one’s significant other. We follow a loose narrative of our main character being unable to distinguish reality from their dreams, which forces them to confront whether or not the qualities they desire in their partner are just projections. The chorus explores what happens when both people in the relationship let their emotions get the better of each other, which ultimately results in fighting and acknowledging the toxic side of any relationship. Taking such an intimate subject matter sung by A.L.X., and combining it with the rhythmic beats that Love Crushed Velvet is known for, what fans get is an absolute banger that can’t help but make them reflect on their relationships.

Love Crushed Velvet is no stranger when it comes to embracing technology and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to experimenting with its visuals. We previously saw the band collaborate with 3D artists at NYU to create the incredibly surreal video for “Ride The Dice”, and their newest work only pushes those boundaries further. Directed by digital artist and director Alena Savchenko, the video for “Blind Emotions” utilizes AI technology to generate even more surreal and uncanny visuals to complement the lucidity of the song’s lyrics. As the track progresses, the scenes become even more detached from reality, and one will find themselves needing to experience the video multiple times to fully comprehend the imagery.

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