Alice the G00n Releases Mesmerizing New Single-Video’s

The video for Alice the G00n’s “CYA” finds the talented singer and multidisciplinary artist reaching a new high point in her brief career. She spared no effort in piecing together this intensely physical and visually compelling clip. The fight scenes and stunt work are alone worth seeking out. However, the accompanying visuals further round out the promotional video into one of the best examples of the marriage between music and visuals released in recent years. It breathes new life into “CYA” as a single release – no small feat considering the success she’s already experienced with that track.

Its success is set to further blossom thanks to the music video’s release. Working with stunt coordinators such as Frank Trigg and Samantha Epstein has helped Alice the G00n produce one of the most action-packed promotional videos in the form’s history. It’s highly stylized, make no mistake, but it’s clear they went to great pains to create physically credible fight scenes. The bedrock of that credibility hails from Alice’s extensive martial arts training reaching back decades, and it’s obvious that her influence permeates crucial aspects of the production.

As both the star and director, Alice demonstrates her natural talent for filmmaking, employing familiar techniques with confidence and precision. Her strategic use of imagery enhances the viewing experience without overshadowing the narrative, showcasing her keen eye for detail and storytelling prowess.

The single is uniformly strong because of it. It doesn’t tell a linear story but instead provides listeners with an emotional narrative. The repetition of certain lines and passages does the necessary heavy lifting to help it stand out further. They are well-chosen across the board. The deceptive muscle of the vocal and musical pairing is the foundation for everything that follows.

One of the video’s strengths lies in its synchronization with the music, as Alice seamlessly aligns the visuals with the rhythm and energy of the song. From intense action sequences to moments of respite, every beat is complemented by dynamic visuals that maintain a cohesive flow throughout.

Despite its indie origins, “CYA” and its accompanying video boast production values that rival those of mainstream acts, with polished special effects and seamless editing that elevate the overall experience. Alice’s commitment to quality and creativity shines through, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

With “CYA,” Alice the G00n solidifies her position as a formidable force in the music industry, setting the stage for future releases that promise to push boundaries and captivate audiences. As a multi-talented artist, Alice’s creative vision knows no bounds, and “CYA” is just the beginning of what’s sure to be an exciting journey ahead.

We’re lucky to be tagging along. Engaging music such as this is at a premium in the modern music world and the added bonus of seeing it coupled with such a fantastic clip makes it all the more memorable. This isn’t cookie-cutter, mass-produced nonsense. It’s clear-cut that Alice the G00n and her creative partners labored long and hard to get these results and they hold up under repeated views.

Now’s the time to latch onto her particular brand of entertainment magic. Alice isn’t a shooting star but, instead, a long-period comet set to blaze across the skies of the modern music scene for decades to come. Getting in on the ground floor of anything is a thrilling experience and we have that opportunity with Alice the G00n.

She’s set to be a force for years to come.

Gwen Waggoner-Howard