APROPOS Presents “Heartbreak”

Every moment counts, and it builds each person’s next steps. For APROPOS, it happened as soon as he participated in a high school talent show. Expressing himself through song to an audience of entranced students was a clear indication that not only could he capture the essence of musical artistry, but he could do it in a way that fit his style and personality best. Since then, APROPOS has absorbed the history of his culture and the stories of his peers, his family, and stories of his own, and has translated them into lyrical masterpieces that can be shared with those who encapsulate his message and can make it their own. Harnessing the power one can produce just on natural talent alone, APROPOS’ voice stands its ground as a strong, raw, and articulated journey, taking the best of the legends like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Prince and making it his own. His effortless approach to his vocal abilities has led to an endless library of original songs, which showcases his soul and captivating lyrics. He listens to those who aid in building his career, including on NBC’s The Voice, where he was a contestant in 2020. It is a constant climb to the top, and APROPOS has no intention of stopping, being inspired by those who came before him and inspiring those who will come after him.

In the moment, a perfect-match love interest enriches every passing day, but when a relationship has a bitter end, it leaves behind a sour taste of betrayal and a broken heart. It’s a given that even choosing to build a connection with another person to that level would be irresponsible and detrimental, but the heart wants what it wants. “Heartbreak” follows the desire for an everlasting bond while being held back by hesitation, knowing the dreamy days can turn into long, regretful nights. It breaks down the thought process, trying to slow down any decision-making before damage is done, but the idea of love takes over and makes it hard to slow down.

Produced alongside Jake Bass, connecting through the universal feeling of love and loss led to the song and video proving to be a breaking point for their careers and their partnership. APROPOS exemplifies the sensation of love through his masterful visual telling of “Heartbreak.” He goes about his day doing the typical routine tasks that prepare anyone for their day. But quickly, through the lens of his eyes and his camera, all he can focus his attention on is the beautiful woman he has become smitten with. The trajectory of his life is completely flipped, and begins revolving his every move around her. Wherever she is, he is sure to follow in hopes that they can fall in love. He goes as far as risking both of their lives to guarantee this partnership, only resulting in spiraling chaos. It goes to show that falling in love has many layers, but not all of the outcomes are good..