Ron Brunk Double Release “Be Somebody Reimagined” and “Nothing”

No one has ever lived it, breathed it, sweat it, and bled it quite like Ron Brunk. A lifer, a keen social observer, jokester, and impresario, his stories are ours. How does he know what we’re thinking? His musical journey has been one of legends, but in every incarnation, he leads with smart, deep commentary and thoughtful ruminations for a human family experiencing psychological turmoil. The songs get stuck in your head, whether it’s an upbeat anthem of strength and inspiration like “Be Somebody”, or the dark, all too real look at modern America like “Nothing”. Ron is always on call to deliver the goods, pure and unadulterated, and he always does it in his own, inimitable way.

Everyone embraces a song of hope; and if it’s one like the full-on, adrenaline-charged, urgent punk rock anthem “Be Somebody”, you get both hope and change! It’s a track that espouses the importance of perseverance and never giving way to fear. It’s a much-needed B-12 shot in a worrisome world. Anyone reading this would benefit by listening to “Be Somebody” as part of their daily supplement routine. It’s an earworm, a boisterous nudge, a declaration of independence, all wrapped up in a three-minute call to action. It’s a prescription people can’t get from a doctor. “Nobody said it was gonna be easy… this road sometimes, it ain’t so smooth, that’s when ya gotta really find your groove”. Being somebody is not always easy, but in the Gospel According to Ron, you must continue to strive for greatness and Be the Somebody that no one else can be.

Coming off of Ron’s brand new “minimalist” album HIGH ON LOFI, “Nothing” is a standout track exploring the current state of affairs of a world torn asunder, and it tells the listener everything they need to know. As the public becomes increasingly dumbed down, Brunk’s observations, critiques, and advice come from a common sense perspective that seems lost on a younger generation. “You carry a chip on your shoulder, and another one under your skin” pokes fun at how clueless many are.

But with a world awakening to what’s “actually going on”, Brunk is hoping his message will resonate. Produced by legendary music producer Paul Allen, never has “Nothing” said so much and never before been said with such a timely, Dylanesque approach. The truth has a certain ring to it and “Nothing” delivers it in spades.

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