Stix Bones Present ‘Olimpik Soul’ ft. Bob Beamon

A taut funk frames the playful and physicality of Stix Bones’ “Olimpik Soul.” The commanding quality of the sound comes through in every possible way. Melodies feature an inherent richness with a rhythm section that feels just as expressive. An entire universe comes into view quickly. Instrumentally varied, they take on many different genres within the kaleidoscopic array of colors. Elements of jazz, pop, funk, and more enter the equation without any one style gaining dominance. Instead, they opt for this delicate balance of all the above, swinging through with pure celebration.

“Leap (feat. Bob Beamon)” has an old-school hip-hop swagger, down to the incredibly elegant percussion and fanfare. Guitar work goes for a taut approach with “Olimpik Soul.” Much more on the ambient gleam of things “Be Thankful (feat. Khaedejia),” where a soulful R&B style unspools leisurely. On “My Lady,” a degree of mysticism takes shape, with the interplay amongst the group giving in to this soothing aspect. Like a long-lost Parliament track, it is the utterly unhinged victory lap of “Funaktonic.” A poetic stance takes shape on the defiant “Price Of Freedom (feat. Abiodun Oyewole).” A celebration is captured on “Monday Madness,” with the synthesizer providing a sophisticated touch. Shining keyboard chords stretch out with “Dreams Come True” closing the entire album with a contemplative kick, as the saxophone has a gentle grace.

“Olimpik Soul” shows off the fiery, fierce presence of Stix Bones with a sound that teems with life.