“Pillow Talk” by NIK:11

Pop singer and critically acclaimed songwriter NIK:11 doesn’t fail to dazzle her diehard fans and incoming audiences alike with her latest single “Pillow Talk which is accompanied by a stunning music video also produced by NIK:11. A decadent fusion of minimalist beats and larger-than-life melodies that ascend from an ominous bassline, “Pillow Talk” is everything that fans of physical pop music look for in a dance anthem while maintaining the articulate prose that critics like myself have come to associate with NIK:11’s output.

There’s something for even the most discriminating of listeners among us in this single, which despite packing more ambition and passion than most of what the year has had to offer thus far isn’t self-righteous in its delivery of unadulterated musical might.

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Both the music video and the single itself have a lot going on in the background of NIK:11’s epic vocalization, but there isn’t a moment where our attention is swayed from her sublime performance. Her serenading complements the simple, bittersweet rhythm that’s churning us in the percussion, and though the bass gets a little feisty in a couple of spots it never dares to intrude upon NIK:11’s creative space. Every component of “Pillow Talk” is carefully separated and meticulously arranged to give us the full-color tonality of each intricately produced instrument instead of drowning us in a fruitless blast of white noise. NIK:11’s confident enough in her abilities here that she doesn’t hesitate to take on center stage without the aid of an artificially crafted harmony (not that she would need one anyway).

Her vocal track isn’t nearly as thick and rigid in the mix as the bubbling bassline and synthesized melodies are, but it remains the most spellbinding element in the entire song from beginning to end. I like that the video puts a strong emphasis on this single’s wicked rhythms and the way they can inspire anyone to start dancing no matter what the situation or venue might be, and though the percussion is very well polished and equalized organically, it’s my opinion that it pales in comparison aesthetically to what NIK:11’s singing does for the complete piece. Her voice is angelic and earnest while also being sporty and youthful, which isn’t exactly a combination you find every day.

NIK:11’s momentum has been steadily building for the last few years, and right now she’s poised to start 2024 firing on all cylinders thanks to the release of this stellar new single. “Pillow Talk” which was jointly produced by NIK:11 and Chicco Bennett has the look and feel of a contemporary pop song with the endearing melodicism of something a little more classical, which to me defines what critics look for in a breakthrough release in this complex and diverse musical climate we’re living in today. While she still has some room to grow and evolve her dynamic sound even more as the years unfold, I must say that she’s turned a creative corner with “Pillow Talk” which is essential to helping her career mature and reach the pinnacle of success that NIK:11 undeniably deserves.

Gwen Waggoner-Howard