Since starting out in his teens playing bass in a cover band, Mick made his name in 1980 helping put together (and actually naming) the mega band Motley Crue. In dealing with personal issues including his complicated breakaway from the band, and a chronic arthritic condition, Mick is embarking on his first solo album. MM has developed a huge following throughout his career that are anxiously awaiting this release. In addition to Mick handling the guitar, joining him on this adventure are Paul Taylor on keys, Jacob Bunton and Brion Gamboa on vocals, Ray Luzier on drums, and Chris Collier on bass.

By R.M. Engelman

Loyal to the Lie is a catchy metal offering rocking from start to finish. Broken on the Inside keeps the metal feel starting out slow before hitting the gas pedal. Alone is a strong ballad accented by piano on which Jacob handles the vocals nicely. Killing Breed is a slow pounding powerful song with nice guitar interjections, featuring Brion Gamboa on vocals. Memories is a tastefully done piano led string accompanied ballad. Right Side of Wrong takes this release back to Mick’s metal side with a hint of something STP worthy. Ready to Roll is a medium paced slightly heavy song that would fit nicely in a movie soundtrack. Undone featuring Brion Gamboa at the mic is another nice power ballad. Ain’t Going Back cranks everything up again to the heavier side. LA Noir is intentionally reminiscent of 50’s-60’s TV show or movie theme songs if they were done by today’s guitarists like Mick.

Mick shows his versatility on this release, a well done departure from The Crue.

He explains that although a lot of the music here is a departure from his norm everything here is still all MM, his tone and his sound. One of the keys to putting this effort together the way Mick wanted, was teaming up with his old friend producer/engineer Michael Wagener. Keyboardist Paul Taylor was instrumental on the songwriting and arranging side, and Chris Collier provided the mixing and mastering of the album. For all of you MM fans out there, the time has come so go get it!