Justice feat. Tame Impala Present “One Night/All Night”

No act in electronic music is more respected than Justice. Though their commitment to shaking the dance floor is unquestionable, rockers dig them for their sense of drama and their thunderous sound. Now imagine what happens when a band like that teams up with the influential Tame Impala. While rockers love their tripped-out, contemporary spin on psychedelia and songwriting that deserves to be called Beatlesque, fans of electronic music appreciate their creative use of synthesizers, machine beats, and vocal processing. In short, Justice and Tame Impala fit together. They were always meant to work together. Now they have.

“One Night/All Night,” the first collaboration between the Grammy-winning French electro duo and the five-time ARIA-winning Australian psych project led by Kevin Parker, is everything fans of these legendary acts could hope for and more. The deep textures, hypnotic rhythms, and massive hooks that listeners have come to expect from Justice are all here, including the electro-trickery and pure swagger that have made producers and composers Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay towering figures in club music. The new single is an irresistible introduction to Hyperdrama, the fourth Justice album, and the pair’s latest compendium of their alchemical experiments combining disco, hard funk, relentless rock, and club music.

As for Parker and Tame Impala, they barely need an introduction. The one-time bedroom project from Perth has become one of the most sonically recognizable forces in modern music. Thousands of producers in scores of genres have attempted to emulate Parker’s distinctive sound, but they’ve never managed to capture the magic of the real thing. Parker graces “One Night/All Night” with his inimitable sense of melody and timing. He also contributes one of those Tame Impala vocal performances that sound uncannily, like they’re coming from the inside of fans’ heads.

Anton Tammi’s graphic, gorgeous, and wonderfully unsettling video for “One Night/All Night” takes music video viewers to a place we rarely see: the inside of a human body. Through some of the most spectacular CGI effects viewers will see this year, he gives fans capillaries like light-up tunnels, pulsing neurons, a spine like a great curving tower and a ribcage like a buttressed fort, and a heart throbbing in time with the beat. Tammi drenches these organs in flashing lights and club colors. It’s a physical disco — a living, breathing expression of a musical takeover. It’s a grand reveal to the album art and a journey into the Justice cross.

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