Changing Locks on Your Door: A Simple Guide to a Safer Home

Home security matters, and one key aspect is often overlooked – the locks on your doors. Switching out old locks is a smart move to boost your home’s safety. Let’s talk about why it’s important, when you should consider it, and the perks it brings to Bellevue, WA homeowners.

Why Change Locks?

Better Security

The main reason to change locks is to make your home more secure. Over time, locks can wear down, making it easier for someone to break in. Upgrading to new, stronger locks keeps your home safe.

Lost or Stolen Keys

If you lose your keys or think they’ve been taken, changing your locks is a must. This stops anyone with your old keys from getting in and protects your home.

Moving to a New Home

When you move to a new place, change all the locks. You never know if the old owners’ friends still have spare keys. Starting fresh with new locks is a smart move.

When to Change Your Locks

Old Locks

As locks get older, they might not work as well. If you have an older home with original locks, keep an eye on them. Visit website that offers locksmith services can help you find the right locks for your needs.

Broken Locks

If your key doesn’t turn smoothly or your lock looks worn out, it’s time for a change. Ignoring these issues can lead to being locked out or risking your home’s safety.

Upgrading to Smart Locks

Technology is moving fast, and smart locks are becoming popular. These locks let you open doors without a key and check your home’s security from anywhere. If you’re thinking about an upgrade, explore different smart lock options.

Changing Locks Made Easy: A Quick Guide

  • Gather the Right Tools: Collect a screwdriver, a new lockset, and its keys.
  • Remove the Old Lock: Unscrew and remove the old lock from the interior side of the door.
  • Take Note of Orientation: Note the orientation for proper alignment of the new lock.
  • Install the New Lock: Position and secure the new lock, testing its functionality.
  • Secure Exterior Side: Repeat the process on the exterior side, ensuring screws are tightened.
  • Verify Alignment: Double-check that the latch and strike plate align correctly on both sides.
  • Check Key Functionality: Test provided keys in both the doorknob and deadbolt for smooth operation.
  • Consider Professional Help: If uncertain, consult a professional locksmith for secure installation.

Upgrade your home’s safety effortlessly with these straightforward steps.

Picking the Right Locks

When choosing new locks, think about your door type, the level of security you want, and your budget. Talk to a locksmith for advice on the best locks for you.

Lock Type Description
Deadbolt Locks Strong resistance against break-ins.
Smart Locks Keyless entry and remote monitoring.
Keyless Entry Locks Easy and secure with codes or fingerprints.

Make sure your chosen locks meet safety standards and have a professional install them for the best security.

Benefits of Changing Locks

Peace of Mind

New locks give you peace of mind, knowing your home is secure. You can focus on life without worrying about your family’s safety.

Scaring Off Intruders

Good locks can scare away burglars. If they see strong locks, they’re less likely to try breaking in, knowing it won’t be easy.

Control Over Keys

Changing locks helps you control who has access to your home. You can decide who gets keys and make sure old key holders can’t get in.

About Safety Locksmith

For Bellevue, WA residents, Safety Locksmith is the expert in locksmith services. They focus on keeping homes safe, offering lock replacements, key duplication, and emergency help. Visit their website or contact them to see all they offer and schedule a security check.

FAQs: Changing Locks on Door

Q1: How often should I change my locks? 

A: Change locks every 5-7 years, after a security issue, lost keys, or moving to a new home.

Q2: Can I change my locks myself? 

A: It’s better to hire a locksmith for proper installation and better security.

Q3: Are smart locks safer than regular locks? 

A: Smart locks offer advanced features, but it depends on the model and how well they’re installed.

Q4: What locks are best for outside doors? 

A: Deadbolt locks work well for outside doors because they resist break-ins.


By taking care of your locks and changing them when needed, you’re investing in your family’s safety. Contact Safety Locksmith for help in Bellevue, WA. Connect with us now to discover how they can make your home safer.

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