Composer Randy Edelman Unveils Ethereal Lyric Video for “Everything is Possible”

“My Feelings are too loud for words and too shy for the world”….Dejan Stojanovic

Slowing the movement of the stars, unraveling the molecules of the ego, and expanding the contrivance of time, in a beautiful and unearthly design Composer Randy Edelman has unleashed the lyric video for his song of hope “Everything is Possible.”

The concept of hope is a rudimentary part of our collective consciousness as humans. “Everything is Possible” is about the resilience of the dark horse who embodies the spirit of the underdog always rising against the odds. The term dark horse is an idiomatic expression for a person or entity who is not widely known or expected to succeed, but has the potential to surprise everyone and win.

Once upon a time a young composer/singer/songwriter found himself in the midst of a state of the art, high tech studio in Sweden when summoned by those in the recording industry. Adorned with a sense of joyful hope and in a state of complete euphoric anticipation as the answer to his dream of sharing his music with the world were about to come true. The song “Everything is Possible” (along with a spirited album) finally held true to his most cherished goal….After the completion of the record he waited for what seemed a life time before receiving word regarding the album’s release. To his disenchantment he was told that there would never be such a release but rather his beautiful music was to lay dormant, held hostage, perhaps forever within the imprisonment of the music industry. Crushed he stood frozen, unable to comprehend the turn of events, like a jolt of electricity coursing through his veins or like the World titling on its axis….

Once his agony had faded into a dull throb, he replaced his dream with his destiny and became one of the most successful and sought after film and TV soundtrack architects on the planet (My Cousin Vinny, Last of the Mohicans, Ghostbusters ll, Gettysburg, and over 100 others). Taunted by his own creativity he never stopped writing music or from time to time thinking about the lost album….

Advancing forward….currently, the world is blazing with hate, war, plagues… “Nations will go to war against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms. And there will be terrible earthquakes, horrible epidemics, and famines in place after place”….Matthew24:7. What better time is there for a song such as “Everything is Possible” to resurface? 

Countries across the globe are struggling with decade long conflicts, economic turmoil, and the effects of climate change.  The Ukraine war has created the world’s largest displacement crisis. Many are facing winter without access to food, water or healthcare. Russia has turned into the world’s most dangerous state. Haiti is plagued by political instability and a surge of gang violence leading to rape and killings.  An outbreak of cholera strains the county’s health and sanitation systems. Diseases including measles, malaria and Ebola continue to threaten the Democratic Republic of Congo while 100 armed groups fight for control. Ethiopia faces a drought affecting 24 million people, while the people in Somalia are literally starving to death while arrested global development prevails….not to mention the threat of the death of democracy in our own nation. 

And then there is Israel, a tiny country sustaining a war for its very existence, defending its inhabitants against terrorists and bombings. In the words of JFK “ Israel was not created in order to disappear. Israel will endure and flourish. It is a child of hope and home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity or demoralized by success. It carries the shield of democracy, and it honors the sword of freedom.” ….John F Kennedy. 

So you might wonder how can a song change the world? Music has been around since the beginning of time and still remains the one global language that everyone understands. It affects us both physically and emotionally. It breaks down barriers, heals and can promote trust as it unites the people. It has been used historically as a vehicle for social change, education, awareness, breaking down the borders of unrest. Music has the advantage of being loud and attracting attention while influencing people. On the global level “Amnesty International”, “ONE”, “We Are the World”, Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”, “We Shall Overcome”, and now Randy Edelman’s “Everything is Possible.” 

In his own words Randy states: “Anytime you put your guts, heart and passion into an artistic creative endeavor and believe in it…a book, a painting, a piece of music, of any style….and it’s saved and documented for all time….in print, on canvas, or yes even on a new fangled 32 track digital tape…..Someone, someday, somewhere,…is going to see it, read it or hear it…so recently without going into detail we come full circle. So here it is: Finally…. “Everything is Possible”…..Truer words were never spoken”…..BR

You are cordially invited to view and listen to the lyric video “Everything is Possible” produced by TILT and celebrate its essence. It’s urgent that you share it with whomever you can and perhaps it’s sentiment will find a way into the hearts of our world leaders and influencers and begin to make a difference….after all “Everything is Possible.”

Watch the “Everything Is Possible” lyric video here:

Article by Eileen Shapiro