The Creachies are what happens when married couple Brandy and David mash their brains together and capture the result in audio and/or visual form. All of their anxieties, fears, joys, loves, and hopes unite into a postmodern candy bag of art pop, new wave, rockabilly, power pop, garage punk, outsider music, b-movie soundtracks, and bubblegum pop through the decades from the Archies to Britney Spears. Not just purveyors of sound, their homemade visuals nod to favorites like the Muppets, the Mighty Boosh, Terry Gilliam, Barbarella, and more.

Joined by Rob Steward of the Pietasters on drums and their synth playing robot friend Ro-Man Extension XJ-3 when performing live, the Creachies have played shows all over the Mid-Atlantic; from Hampdenfest and Shakemore, to the Ottobar and the 9:30 club. All sounds and visuals are lovingly crafted in their basement studio with mixing and mastering help from some brilliant friends in the DC area.

Next up the Creachies will be providing the soundtrack to a new movie by Chad Em and David Fair (of Half Japanese), continuing work on a mini-comic explaining the origins of “creachies”, all while churning out weird, genre- defying mega-hit after mega-hit.

Get Atomic

Earlier this year we received an email from our friends at Atomic Books in Baltimore letting us know how much they enjoyed our latest single Chopping Mall. They went on to ask if we would be interested in creating an original song for them. Well Atomic Books is our favorite place in Baltimore so we responded with “Yes! We’ll make you two songs! And a video! What else do you want??” Everyone was in agreement that these should not be jingles or advertisements, but fully realized songs, able to be enjoyed remote from their connection to Atomic Books.

Put simply, the song Get Atomic is about being fed up with the life you’re being pushed into, and finding that thing, or place, or person that allows you to escape, open your eyes, make your own choices, become a superhero, fly to other planets, think critically, get out of bed, and many other wild things you hadn’t believed possible. It might be found in a book, in a song, in a painting, in a friend, it could be hiding anywhere and it’s amazing when you find it.

With the help of our incredibly talented animating friend Grace Boyle, we created a video for it in our basement with a budget of 6 dollars for an extra large tub of mayonnaise. We took visual cues from movies like Barbarella and Flash Gordon, retro-futuristic art, Jim Henson, vintage animation, and more, running it all through heavy filters of fun and camp.