‘Live at the Mira Room’ by Sam Ross

Sam Ross offers a clever update of the classic swinging jazz style on the soothing trip of “Live at the Mira Room.” They play it all sorts of ways, from the laid-back grooves to going hot right now. One gets to experience the incredible talent they display with ease. Piano work, percussion, and upright bass work in unison to deliver this heartfelt approach. Without needing to say a single word, a narrative of sorts emerges. Elements of the work stop and start on a dime, adding to their unexpected explorations. Throughout the collection, they show how much they are in sync.


Things start with a tight rhythm as “Bryan’s Room – Live” begins the collection elegantly. Sam does exceptional piano work with Simba Distis and upright, and Dr. Mimmi Mured anticipates his every move. By far the collection’s highlight comes through on “Beauty Has No Ceiling – Live.” Many lovely gestures emerge from this piece, imbuing it with much life. “City Stroll – Live” has a funky disposition, and the Rhodes here feels like pure bliss. Layer upon layer rolls into the intricate “Hopeful Future – Live.” Melodically rich “Bear – Live” is introspective, with the song resting on the softer side of things. Going fast like a pure blur, they close things out with “Music Is King – Live.”

“Live at the Mira Room” shows the divine interplay of Sam Ross and his bandmates in crafting a sophisticated, joyous sound, one of both parts calm and sincere.