Eddie Cohn Presents “Who Or What I Was Before”

Long time indie-rocker Eddie Cohn is evidence that there are still angels and untapped creative talent in Los Angeles. Sometimes, they just have to come from Cleveland.

Eddie’s passion for the arts began at just 3 years old when he discovered his natural ability and passion for music on the family piano. From there, he taught himself to play the guitar and the drums, all while dealing with serious childhood health issues. It wasn’t until college, and an introduction by a college roommate to the iconic Seattle music scene, when Eddie took the next step creatively. Inspired by bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam, Eddie delved into songwriting, tapping into more intense levels of self-expression. Since then, Eddie has pursued not only music, but podcasting, writing novels, djing and teaching yoga as a means of finding deeper connection with his audience.

With four full-length albums tracking his growth as a musician and social commentator, there’s plenty of Eddie Cohn to discover in the vaults. What’s most exciting, however, is what’s next. For 2024, Eddie is tapping into that grunge-fueled 90’s era of rock, and plans to release a new single every other month. The next era of Eddie Cohn coming through in this next string of releases is a whole new creative visionary to explore.

Eddie Cohn signals fans to come and discover his latest rock anthem of self-transcendence in “Who Or What I Was Before”. Crashing through with rumbling drums and moody electric guitars, Cohn’s recognizable voice and poetic lyricism express a desire to break free from old inner archetypes. Full of vibrant energy, this song is like a sunrise piercing through the clouds, exposing the beauty that can come from internal growth and expression.

Directed by Cohn’s regular collaborator Leslie Andrew Ridings, the music video for “Who Or What I Was Before” catches Cohn in his transitional phase. Shot on the traffic-laden streets of his adopted city, the video feels like an intimate walk with Cohn through mind and time. Riding’s masterful camera work combined with Cohn’s vocal performance creates an atmosphere of hope and desire.

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