Cheflodeezy Presents “Ecstacy” (feat. TeeJay)

In the clip for his 2023 underground hit “She Don’t Belong to Me,” Cheflodeezy stunts on a four-wheeled motorcycle. He pops wheelies and spins in circles as he rhymes; he takes chances, but he never slips. It’s a potent visual metaphor for the rapper’s approach. Cheflodeezy is excitable and propulsive, and his performances foreground his risk-taking and his inexhaustible energy. Yet as crazy as he gets, the power of his engine — and his essential stability — lets fans know there’s no chance he’s ever going to crash.

What keeps this artist grounded? There’s his undeniable talent, his imagination, his skill at collaboration, and his unshakable confidence in himself. All that helps. But Cheflodeezy is also the inheritor of one of the great traditions in hip-hop: he’s a Miami rapper. And Miami rappers don’t fall.

On “Ecstasy,” Cheflodeezy shows his listeners exactly how much he can juggle, and how seamlessly he can combine styles, even when he’s going as hard as he can. His latest single is a sizzling fusion of American hip-hop, Afrobeats, and Nigerian pop, dancehall, and reggae, all melted together and seared in the Miami sun. Cheflodeezy makes the most of modern production techniques and vocal processing, but his rhymes are as raw and as thrilling as an impromptu Caribbean beachside party. He burns through the first verse with the combination of urgency and economy that has made him a name to know in South Florida independent music — and then he turns the microphone over to Jamaican star TeeJay, whose summer single “Drift” made waves worldwide. Their voices match perfectly: one rambunctious, fiery, and pleading, and the other ocean-cool, heat-hazy, and deeply melodic.

In Steven Bernard’s “Ecstasy” clip, Cheflodeezy lets the viewer know exactly where he’s coming from. He raps in front of neon Miami signs (and a neon palm tree, too!), crouching, pivoting, and swiveling on his hips to give his words extra emphasis. Elsewhere, Bernard’s camera finds the rapper in a dreamworld of light refraction: a corridor made of brilliant silver foil. A trio of dancers provides a visual echo, winding to the beat in formation, responding to the thunderous beat, the delicious synthesizers, and the sound of Cheflodeezy’s roughneck delivery. Finally, we’re sent down a long tunnel of pure white light. When the music is as intense as this, the thrill of acceleration is destination enough.

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