New Video By Flau’jae “Perfect Timing”

Once a teenager is bombarded with the first glances of college and adulthood, juggling every responsibility becomes a hard-hitting reality. Young people have plenty of passions, and being able to score with each one comes with self-doubt and time crunches. A push into the right direction and a reminder that good things come with time and hard work is often necessary for those who dream, which brings us to Flau’jae, who can do it all effortlessly while still being able to spread the message herself as a gifted rapper that has risen up through the ranks in a timely fashion. A student herself and a prized team member of LSU’s championship women’s basketball team, Flau’jae has taken the court and studio by storm with her confident energy and inspirational words. Major music brands like Revolt, BET and MTV have thrown their support behind her rap career and it’s clear why: She’s the real deal, pouring her heart and soul into her art. The results are fire hot. Already making a significant mark on the younger generation, Flau’Jae definitely knows how to play the game.

Flau’jae’s “Perfect Timing” is the ideal anthem for anyone looking for an extra nudge into their ideal lifestyle, knowing that everything happens for a reason. She clarifies that the grind mindset is the golden ticket to living a happy life. Stopping is unacceptable to Flau’Jae, and the only way to keep yourself centered and focused is to keep moving. Putting one foot in front of the other is all you can do, and trusting that time will put you where you need to be will make the process smooth and seamless. The unpredictable moments that may seem negative at first may be a blessing in disguise. Having support throughout her life, Flau’Jae has learned that she keeps everything aligned by staying true to herself and letting her life fall into place.

What better place to shine than Flau’Jae’s campus at LSU, which houses all of her opportunities for learning and growing as a person. With the feel-good beats, she captures you in with her words as the leader of her school. Throughout the video, we can see the countless accomplishments Flau’Jae has received throughout her career, and gives fans a glimpse into her future successes. We can see just how many lives she has already touched, as young individuals in public recognize Flau’Jae and go out of their way to speak to her. Performing in stadiums and courts meant to house thousands, Flau’Jae is meant for the crowds.

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