What is a musical interval? It’s the distance between two notes that can be played simultaneously or consecutively. Intervals are the atoms that make up music as we know it; they’re its real essence. If you listen to them when you’re in a particular state of awareness and without a harmonic background, they are a gateway to our inner world and to the subtle dimensions of Nature itself, providing a refined and powerful tool for introspection, expansion of awareness and self-development. They are magical switches that can open the doors of perception and activate different stages of the alchemical path to inner evolution, from unconsciousness to the development of the Ego, to communion with the Self and the refined worlds of the Spirit.

The intention of this Work is to convey the profound meaning of each precise internal state which is generated by the musical intervals and to offer direct experience of this extraordinary knowledge.The concrete act of representing these unconscious states of being, and bringing them into reality, creates the chance to break through the filter of the rational mind, go straight to our real Self and ignite awareness, our Sacred Inner Fire. The inner work that continues, and of which each interval is a messenger, must subsequently be developed in our daily life with patience, perseverance, sincerity, courage, compassion and wisdom.

This is the sacred medicine of the Spirit. The listener will be accompanied by specific guided meditations to experience these different states of being, one for each specific interval, essential stages for the development of our Inner Temple. Let’s take a look at the first octave. Everything starts from a single note, the absence of consciousness, then the miracle of awareness with the first interval, the “perfect unison” (1G), up to the maximum extension of the “major seventh” (7M). This is the play that will be represented in the meditations on the stage of life.